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Otto Markteting

Taking The Load Off Your Cabling And Connector Worries

Otto Marketing (Otto) was started by Barry Culligan in 1990, the objective being the distribution of the high-quality connectors produced by the leading Japanese company Hirose Electric. Despite the fact that today it contributes some 70% of the business’s turnover, Culligan points out that Otto got into the cabling business almost by chance. In fact, the customers that he was supplying connectors to persuaded him that what they really required was a more value-added product, namely an assembled and tested wiring loom complete with connectors and other accessories. Starting in a small way with some core customers, Otto developed the required tooling and test assemblies, working in close cooperation with the manufacturers’ QA people. As the business expanded so also did the representation, so this now includes several specialist connector companies, which complement the Hirose line, as well as cable, wire, and cabling accessory suppliers.

The company was bought by new owners in May 2018, adding more experience, product knowledge and business systems to the already well established Otto Marketing brand.

Representation of Hirose Electric was an ideal start for Otto, as it had been in business since 1937 and manufactures an extensive range of connectors. Hirose is rated as the world’s fifth largest electronic and electrical connector manufacturer and products cover telecoms, automotive, computer, consumer, instrumentation and control and other fields, for all types of cable from insulated copper strand, to coaxial and ribbon. These are today marketed globally through a network of 24 representatives (including Otto) in 18 countries. In addition, Culligan is quick to point out that in his experience Hirose is also one of the most innovative, particularly in miniaturisation, and it also provides Otto with full support in meeting the special needs of local customers, even to the point of designing new product. The scope of the business of Hirose and the quality of product is evidenced from its list of major international customers.